Sunday Sesh with The Trepids, for ONTAP’s Stripped-Back Live Sessions

Written by Freya Stockman
Content Creator & ONTAP team member


The ONTAP team were pretty stoked to spend Sunday afternoon jamming out with the boys from The Trepids, a rambunctious take-no-prisoners kind of group who live for psychedelic rock n’ roll. Band members include vocals/guitarist Andy, drummer Luke, guitarist Craig and bassist Sam.

Scroll to the bottom of the editorial to check out The Trepids new single, 'Dealers Got a Gun', exclusively premiered by ONTAP!


The Band Name

The name The Trepids spawned from the word “trepidation”, which describes a feeling of anxiety that something bad will happen. According to Luke, The Trepids refers to “to a band of friends sharing in this feeling about the state of the world.” The name personally resonated with me – after all, aren’t we all a little pessimistic about the future? As I like to say, s*** is kicking off!

Pictured: Craig, Andy
Pictured: Craig, Andy

The Journey So Far

The boys have experienced a lot of growth as individuals and a band over a relatively short period of time. They recorded their 1st folk-punk inspired E.P called Quarter Life Crisis entirely from inside a house, followed by Venus which showcased creative and electrifying guitar echo techniques coupled with cryptic lyrics.

Although the band found it incredibly rewarding to consistently book and play live gigs all over Melbourne, it ultimately prevented them from creating new music and collaborating with industry professionals. This motivated them to team up with a music producer named Justin Ossher who helped the band record their second EP, set for release later this year. Their recent hit song 'Something's Got To Give' was the first single released from the forthcoming EP, and it packs a punch

Currently, the band are playing shows around regional Victoria and along the East Coast as part of a promotional tour for their new single, Dealers Got a Gun. Although this monster track will be released on the 24th of May across all platforms, the ONTAP team are giving everyone an exclusive first-look before it even launches. 

The Story Behind their New Single - Dealers Got A Gun

Andy is the lyrical mastermind of this particular track, which comments on a frightening personal experience told through a fictional tale about a drug dealer who exists between two identities: the innocent mask he wears during the day and the corrupt person he becomes at night. The boys didn’t elaborate on the frightening incident that inspired the song, but Craig suggested that I imagine several guns being waved aggressively at my face … yeah, no thanks!

The lyrics reference “Occam’s razor” which is a philosophical principal that asserts that there are always two explanations for everything, but the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The song also emulates social issues regarding drug prohibition and restrictions on freedom created by the broader establishment that tries to control what you say, do, and think.

Although Andy created the lyrics, Dealers Got A Gun really came together when Craig suddenly announced “I have a riff” and within an hour, the foundations of the song were solid! The boys collectively agreed that Dealers Got A Gun was not directly influenced by any artists at the time and was solely created from raw experiences close to home and bouncing ideas off one another. The beautiful thing about these boys is their humble sense of comradery within the band – something I noticed instantly when meeting them for the first time with ONTAP.

When asked if any of the band members had actually held a gun before, Luke chuckled as he replied “Andy is from the country so I wouldn’t bloody put it past him”. Craig: “I’m not a fan of guns however, yes, I have held many”. Moral of the story: don’t mess with The Trepids. I am shook.

My Overall Impression of The Trepids

Overall, many laughs were shared with the boys from The Trepids, it felt more like a jam session with friends I had known a life-time. Craig even performed an electrifying rendition of Happy Birthday with his electric guitar for my Dad’s birthday, which was met with cheers of laughter from the group. Dad sends his love boys, best birthday gift ever!

I was mesmerised by Andy’s passionate vocal portrayal of raw emotion and Craig’s ridiculous ability to shred the guitar, and boy did he shred it! Sam and Luke were equally involved on the day, checking sound equipment and showing me wicked band-merch, which included rock n’ roll stubby-holders for your favourite beverages.

You can check out a sneak video preview of The Trepids stripped-back new single via ONTAP. Be sure to also visit ONTAP to book much-loved artists for your next private or corporate event!

Until next time everyone!

- Freya

Watch: Dealers Got A Gun, performed live for ONTAP!

Listen: Dealers Got A Gun, premiered by ONTAP!


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