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Officially forming in 2017 in the less coastal or boasting city of Ballarat, Victoria, Leftfield Luxury started out by jamming out together at their local high school. After recording a couple of grungy demo tracks, they changed ways and decided to start fresh in 2018 with a crazy noise rock / garage punk style, influenced with jazzy chords and time signatures. 2019 leads the boys into a leap of the unknown, with new and playful song ideas.

2018 saw the release of two singles "Deadbrain" and "Coffee", in the lead up to their first ever EP, which debuted February 1 2019. Having supported bands including The Chats, White Blanks, The Southern River Band and All The Colours, these boys have been known to knock your socks off, with a hard hitting dose of high energy throughout their shows. As they slowly transition out of the local scene, their hit songs from their debut EP, ‘Friday Nights’ and ‘Coffee’, are guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

Leftfield Luxury plan on tackling their very own headlining shows near you in the near future, as well as more support slots in 2019. The year also hopes to see a new single release along the way.

White Blanks, White Denim, Hockey Dad, Bad//Dreems


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